These are privately operated homes for retirees and are licensed by the RHRA (Retirement Home Regulatory Authority) whose authority is defined by the Retirement Home Act R.S.O. 2007.

The definition of a retirement home that requires to be licensed under the RHRA is as follows:

  • Occupants are over the age of 65
  • There are 5 or more occupants
  • Occupants receive 2 or more care services as defined by the Act

Retirement homes are not limited to the fees they can charge and fees are subject to market forces rather than set by government regulation. Residents in RH's are subject to the Residential Tenancies Act R.S.O. 2006 including the limit of annual rent increases.

RH's range in size from 6 bed “mom and pop” operations to national chains owned and operated by publically traded corporations.

In general, the larger homes makes more profit per resident than the smaller homes.

There is a very wide range in the monthly charges per bed, varying from $1,500 to over $8,000 per month.

Q. & A.

Q. Who can own a Retirement Home?

A. Anyone who has a clean vulnerable persons clearance.

Q. Does a RN need to be on site all the time?

A. No. A Director of Care is required for each home 


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