The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care under the Long Term Care Act 2007 regulate this program.

The homes are owned and operated by both private for profit and non-profit organizations such as churches and municipalities etc.

These homes provide care such as bathing and toileting non-mobile residents that is not available at most retirement homes .

The MHLTC sets the rates for long-term care homes. Rates change annually. There are different rates for the newer “A” homes and the older “B/C/D” homes.

These homes are under tight regulation by the Province, which limits the net operating income per bed. In general, it is lower than in the private retirement homes because of the very strict government regulations. However, the number of available long term care beds is restricted by the Ministry of Health and there are long waiting lists for beds. This ensures full occupancy and a very predictable Net Operating Income (NOI).

Because of the predictable NOI these homes are attractive investments for REITS and Pension Funds.


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